Maybe that’s what songs are for.

When I created this thing a year ago today, I had very little idea what to expect from it. Its title those first several weeks was ‘Pancakes and a Working Title,‘ and I actually had to be talked out of keeping it, which today strikes me as scary but still pretty hysterical.

In that time it has certainly come to take on a life of its own. To all who have kept up with it, or tuned in occasionally to give it a read, and those who’ve even voiced in, it has really meant a lot. And I find that, since it has taken on its own sort of character and personality, I hold the strongest feelings of gratitude for the site itself, almost as though it were another person and a faithful friend at that.

So Thank You.

Anyway for kicks, here’s the first entry, dated July 15, 2010. I remember the night. It was late and all I wanted to do just then was communicate my love for music in some artful and eloquent fashion, to somehow articulate my interpretation of the moment, the mystery of being young and the glory of personal freedom.

A year and who knows how many words later, I’m still at a loss. Maybe that’s what songs are for.

‘Pilot’ 7/15/2010

A good friend of mine recently started his own blog, which inspired me to give the whole thing another shot. It’s about 1:30 in the morning, and I am a bit tired to post anything too lengthy. For now, I’ll leave something that ought to start this blog on something close to the right foot. When in doubt, I turn to rock n’ roll. Take it Boss…

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