400 Tales of Romance (Jude Moonlight)

Written by Ren Michael & Jude Moonlight

I came to the room and I looked at your papa he gave me a stare so cold
Yea I know too well he’ll be glad to know it won’t be me you’ll have and hold
And when I crossed that river and stood ‘neath the stars and upon your stairs baby girl
You shook your head and said the night is dead you said that my head was caught in a whirl
Well honey I’ll miss your perfume and your long brown curls

Well tell your papa I was on time
And thank your mother for her sweet wine
Take my hand one last time ‘fore we say good bye
You look so good tonight
Ooh lemme hold you tight
I’ll be on my way tonight, but I’ll be alright

Balzac candles and Mozart sings as ghosts cross the moonlit lawn
Shadow boxing, waltzing kings long banished by the amazons
The echo of a cello sways, as guitars play in gothic halls
Over clergymen, and the world’s wisemen with their bookends of philosophy and law
You know though much has changed, nothing’s changed at all

I’m looking to get better my friend
I’m just looking to get born
I’ll be on way, baby, before the coming morn’
Stand up tall stand up right
Keep warm your candlelights
I’ll be long gone, tonight, but I’ll be alright

Running through the woods and in through the dark
Between all that’s seen and unseen
Out from the shadows and into the fire,
Only higher on the ladder of living and dreams
They called out to you, they write down your name,
They say what is truth, give me proof, they proclaim wrong and right
The cycle repeats, you think you see what’s in front of me
But I live and I breathe, so go on and chase the light
You can grab my hand, man, we’ll still dance in the night

But I’ll think of you standing on the hill,
Every time I see the sun rise
One day soon, they’re gonna see our sign in the sky
Swore some are born to endless night
And I know I’m no sweet delight
As I stand in the shadow of these streetlights

I’ll be on my way tonight, but I’ll be alright

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