Aren’t You Glad It’s Not You?

Written by Ren Michael

I want to send you my love
I want to tell you I’m proud
I want to hear your voice, son
I want you with me now
You over my shoulders
Your young hand in mine
As you stand next to me
As I know you’re alive

I can’t find the words
No sweet melody
I can’t play the tune
To accompany me
As this morning I walk
As I feel myself breathe
As today I remain
When will it be me?

I love my country, my home
My family, my friend
I want to leave something, now
I can’t see the end
Onto what shall I hold
As the sun rises west
Cold steel in my hand
With the time I’ve got left?

I hear shots were fired
I hear people screamed
I hear the news on the wire
I see it all on tv
I’ve heard it will pass
As it’s all far from view
Let me ask you one question
Aren’t you glad it’s not you?

We preach and prophesy
We judge and we scorn
Dream of us and them
And sound the battle horn
Yet I bet when you walk
Right outside your door
You see nothing but beauty
To suit your omens of war

You say all lives matter
like that’s some big debate
to those who stand with their children
unarmed and lay slain
You stake the same claims
on a dream still unseen
but we’ll never be great
until the day all are free

you claim bravery
so don’t preach to me
when you hide behind walls
and television screens,
a creed calls on us all
to say quite simply
an attack upon them
is an attack upon me

Now I’ve heard all your claims
to truth and honesty
But a man ought to see
between PC and decency
dressed slick, you’re convinced
that you move and talk fast
you don’t tell it like it is, man
you just have no class

A suit and tie’s nothing
but the disguise of your time
your money won’t save you
from living their lie
you oughta get hip now
we’re on a runaway train
your guns won’t save you
when you whither away

you’ve taught love and peace
loud enough for you to hear
and when the world needs it most
you give into your fears
do what I say, you proclaim
still, not what I do
it’s like you’re giving me the gun
to protect me from you

you’ve given us nothing, and
you’re no model to me
all you’ve shown me, truly
is what I don’t want to be
I’m done with your claims
take them and go
take your room full of mirrors
and watch the world grow

you’re the worst example
the world’s ever dreamed
as you loaf and you stew
cursing demons unseen
I’m ashamed of you
& I hate what you do
& I hope my own children
hear not a word out of you

go on write a song
watch it fall before mine
that’s how it goes
without the truth on your side
try as you might
you’d fall on your face
just an empty room
in all you create

You know I have found the words
A simple melody
Yea I’ve got this old tune
To accompany me
As we’ve heard this will pass
And it’s all far from view
Still brother, I wonder
Aren’t you glad it’s not you?

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