Jude & Lucy

Written by Ren Michael

the alleyway was dark,
I felt the thunder of your heart
as I held your hand, I would not stand
to watch us drift apart
but as night fell, I knew
I knew you wouldn’t let it show
as you tried to hide the look inside
your eyes were all aglow

as you spoke and looked to me
as though you always knew me
I asked you for your name
and you said your name was ‘Lucy’
your voice the sweetest lullaby
the glow of green deep in your eyes
as you ran your hand through my hair
said the world was yours and mine

bright are the colors across your face
so bold, we breathe, we brush with paint
so come close, baby, sway with me
away through time and space
a universe you are, I see
a million suns and stars
I behold a lifetime in your eyes
Our names like starlight in the sky

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