Leonardo’s Garden

Written by Ren Michael

I can hear you honey coming my way,
I remember how you used to speak my name
I saw you walking ‘long the river to my garden
Your hair shone like the milky way
Lamplight glowed down in St. Germain
Day is gone and we’re only getting started

I hear the music like I always have
Won’t force you none, though I’m moving fast
What’s done is done
What’s past is past

You are the angel breathing in my dream,
You can call me ‘goblin’, call me the ‘creep’
You know who I am, you know I never sleep
How much longer shall we dance this dance?
We’ve been waltzing long all along the Seine
You’ve called my name, and baby I’m your man

I saw you rise as the desert sun
I was born, we were one
heard ‘em say we were old
and today we are young

I hear you walking through my secret garden
The music through you and calling my name
The world’s changed though I feel the same
But I can sing and you know I can dance
I’m making way through this cold and damp
Day’s breaking, as I take your hand

Let me lie back in sweet surrender
Let me honor, cherish and defend her
I lost my track again but I know I can remember
Is this life lady, and life only?
Well your beauty took me; honey, it stoned me
I think I’ve been here baby. Yea I know how you told me.


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