Loving You Forever

Written by Ren Michael

I stood at the door on the borderline
Took my shoes, my shades and guitar
Grabbed my bag and I waved goodbye
I felt near and yet so far
It’s been a long time since I heard your name
Since I heard your voice call out
I was strung out, burned out, beaten down
I was lost in the fog of the crowds

I’m loving you forever
My dear, darling view
I’ve been in love with you forever
I’m coming home to you

Well you handed me a gun and some tape, you said
stick to the one you love
You’re gonna roll out of here like a hot-rod angel
riding through the sun, and
Trust not the one who claims to know
where they’ve buried all the gold
Just stick to your cues encircling you
You know what’s good for you.

I’m loving you forever
I walked this familiar shore
It’s true I know that you’ll recover
I know I’ve been here before

He rode in town, back in the fold
She said hey, you staying this time
I made a fire and the roast is warm
You know you’re always on my mind
The band’s all here they made you a rose
Made from papier-mâché
And if you’re not impressed by these things, baby
You’ll have room for the Beaujolais
Well I’m loving you forever
You’re always on my mind
You’re my sisters and my brothers
Be the hero tonight

Well my shoulders were cold, my lip it bled
We were strangers in the night
The wind blew soft along the boardwalk
Pleased to meet you I’m Jude Moonlight
I remember you, a ghost in the stars, they
Talk of you in the saloons and the bars
You might feel you’ve gone with the sun
But I know you’ve only just begun
I’ve thought of you forever
Are the stories all true?
Yea I’ve thought of you forever
You know it’s good to see you

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