Streets of Vienna

Written by Ren Michael

Doctor, doctor,
Hear me roar
Though these faces are strange,
I think I’ve seen them before
I’m walking ‘long these avenues,
Deep in the night
See me surrender on these streets of Vienna

Memories, sweet memories
Dance in the night
Think this might well be the end of me
I stand in streetlight
I’m walking ‘long, far from view,
Holding on to you
See me remember on these streets of Vienna

I hear ya croon
Smell your sweet perfume
In the café candlelight, and
At every turn
A fire burns
It’s like you never left my side
Be my baby tonight

So won’t you bring me my fedora?
Won’t you bring me my pipe?
Close the door to my pandora, man
These shoes are too tight
I see illusions on the avenue
Along the Danube
See sweet Cassandra on the streets of Vienna

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