The Dark Side of Neptune (Let It All Be A Dream)

Written by Ren Michael

I can feel myself drifting
farther from you
a glass plane framed between us
in a cold, dark room
I can’t feel myself breathe neither, no
just a weight in my chest
bringing me down
I can’t catch my breath

where have my friends gone?
how long can I go?
I feel used up, wasted
knocked out and worn
let me bleed just a bit, man
without bleeding to death
I’d like to sing a while longer
‘fore I lay down to rest

my mind feels jaded
I play tricks on myself
I can’t know what I’m seeing
it’s like I’m under a spell
I punch and I swing
I kick and I scream
as I pray to you, friend
let it all be a dream

I see light ‘round the corner
though still far from view
we’re a long way out friend
on the dark side of Neptune
I’ll be strong and rock steady
yea I’ll keep my head down
as I fade ‘way from this place
swear I won’t make a sound

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