Joel Quinby

Who am I you ask? People say I’m a man of many things and of many passions.  Some call me political savant.  Others say I’m a music and film critic extraordinaire.

I can’t confirm these things as true, but I will not deny them either. All that I am is a citizen, generously allowed to voice a say on this platform by that actor Ren Michael (or Mr. Quinn as I call him).

I am a truth seeker, my friends. I am a valiant nightwatchman of the changing days and nights of these States United. I am Joel Quinby.

Here to stay.

Blogging Isn’t Really My Thing

The Fallacy of Film Criticism 

Horror and Humor 

Scorsese and Hitchcock

Raging Bull

The Kids Are All Right 

The Jolly Rancher

The Notes and Letters of Joel Quinby

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