Interstellar Cowboy Song

Music and Lyrics by Ren Michael

I walk the city at night.
I know the walls remain hollow.
I am a prisoner, a rat in a plastic cage
The nights they conquer every day.

And I dreamt that I broke free of this maze,
Walked out into the night and I stayed,
And for the first time I felt the grace of the falling rain

‘Neath the light of the moon I wait for my evening bus
To take me for a few with you through time and space.
Awake! Awake to the distant valleys of my dreams!
Until my eyes open to the morning and I regress to sleep.

Your eyes cast a shadow over your soul
As you write your checks, blindly post your stamps.
Let’s put it all down now and break through the wall.
And you and me we shall breathe in the promised land.

Close your eyes now and take my hand.

Original Recording:

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