Last Letter from St. James Infirmary

Music and Lyrics composed by many generations of American princes and pilgrims

It was down in ol’ Joe’s barroom
On the corner by the square.
And the drink they were served as usual
And the usual crowd was there.

On that stage I saw ol’ Joe beginnin’
With his eyes bloodshot and red.
Gather ’round now, all you who seen us.
Ima tell you right now what big Joe done said.

I went down to St. James Infirmary.
I saw my baby there.
She was stretched out on a long, white table
So cold, so sweet so fair.

Well I tried so hard to keep from cryin’.
My heart felt just like led.
She was all I had to live for.
I kept wishing it was me instead.

When I die, boy, won’t you see they bury me
In a straight black suit and a Stetson hat.
Put a twenty-dollar goldpiece on my watchchain
So the boys know I died standin’ pat.

Let her go. Let her go. God Bless Her.
Wherever she may be.
She can search this whole wide world over.
But she’ll never find another young man like me.

She’s gone. She’s gone. She’s gone.

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