For Charlie Parker

Could it be, could it be dear ol’ friend. that it’d be this long
This long, with you and your great grin, that I’d write you a song?
Well now I remember nights in Kansas City, yea
You took me there, cast your light
I recall the music well my brother
Every morning and every cold walk in the night

The rhythm ‘hind my pen, the engine
The force behind my heart sweatin’
I wrote out a fury, you probably know
As I’d picture you still grinnin’
From way up there in heaven

Do you still fly high up there, Bird?
Do you still fly up there in Heaven?
Great painter, you are, you hero soul
Do you lead the angels young and old?
Do they follow you with their wings of gold?
To the glorious tones of that most holy saxophone?

Shine on my friend, gleam high sacred soul
My brother, you’re an angel that lit up the world
As your music made it rock, and made it roll
You mended broken hearts, made them whole

For down here on your Earth
Yea down here below, for the lonesome brothers of yours, you brightened their road
On the dark nights so cold as they made their long way home

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