Goodbye, Oh Night My Friend

Well the love lights in your eyes,
Rising high above the skies,
As I stand tall tonight, hear the wind softly cry,
As the city lights shine.

I remember when they said
How the warmth of a faithful friend
Can last ’til the end, a true Godsend.
I feel the sun now ’round the bend.

You carry roses in the cold,
Unaware of your golden road.
I’ll love you forever, till we’re grey and old
Swear you’ll never be alone.

And though I know I may seem far,
And the times they may grow dark,
On that road of gold you’ll sing like a lark,
With the moon and crooning stars.

When I’s down and out,
When I’s lost in the crowd, friend
You never let me down, my sweetest sound.
Swear one day I’ll make you proud.

And when the stars shine on through, and
Light the twilight avenue,
O’er the desert dunes and the urban view
I’ll forever be with you.

So goodbye, oh Night, my friend.
Though I know this ain’t the end.
Though I know, you and me, we will meet again,
Goodbye, oh Night, my friend.

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