Goodbye Rose

When beauty beckons it sings,
And makes you feel worth a thousand times more,
Yet I know the price.

I see the calm before the storm,
So I’ll return to darkness but oh, this house is warm
No goodbye, sweet Rose.

Goodbye, sweet Rose
I must leave you
Though your smile’s lovely
And your eyes shine in the night,
I must leave you
Your hair, radiant gold blonde
Your laugh like sweet music,
I must leave you.

Maybe if I was younger, yea
And there were things I didn’t know,
This is all real familiar
See I been here before.

And now it all seems I don’ taken too much pain
But I’ll take a lil’ more
However much more, rather than endure that coming rain.

But damn how sweet you are
How your eyes shine in blue.
You’re the worst sort of thing
Innocent, giving, so true.

I’m colder now and so I’m afraid
Smarter yes, and stronger in ways,
But oh, when I’s a child, though innocent too and naive
Oh how I was brave, dear Rose, once I was brave.

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