The Angel and the Ghost

You’re the angel
I’m the ghost
You’re the dream, near
In the trees
I’m the creature
lost in eternal

I’m the goblin
caught in his own fire
I come out again,
with a grin
Your beauty, inspired
On this rise
we’ve been since
the early ages of time
When the sun first rose,
gave birth to the human mind
I remember
not a moment, through
all that has passed
When once I was yours, but
oh how the romance lasts!

Oh Angel! Oh Dream!
Won’t you please
speak clear to me?
Have mercy on me

Let me in
or let me alone
Too well, you know
I’ve not been at ease
since your light
first shone

Leave me!
I am content amongst
the lame and the poor
Allow me once more
to wander in valleys, and
Meander along the beach, and
Won’t you let me do so
without any
The Evangelists
who don’t cease to preach?

I seek not loneliness
No, I seek solitude.
For it’s none
but the former I feel
in your holiness

Leave me! I repeat.
Amongst the lame and the poor,
yea I’ll walk once again
amongst the worn out and torn
For together we march
against judgement, ridicule
and all of heaven’s scorn.
and it’s you who must see
There is beauty
and fragility
in the earth
in humanity
Well beyond
that written
in your scriptures
for eternity

I will be
their brother
their guardian and protector
I will show them the true divine within themselves and each other.
For their can be no salvation in abstract trinity
But only in the final, choral embrace for humanity

Alas! I feel no strain, no pull
Your light no longer binds me

At long last, I am at peace
And I stand in darkness once more

In that moment I take man as my brother,
And he takes me as his friend

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