The Morning Star Cafe of Portland, OR

Might it be time to leave the Morning Star?
Might it be time to leave your sweet beauty?
Outside this place, awaits the day;
And the rolling thunder, the falling rain
Lays grace upon thee, far and away
But it is not for me.

I have this morning but dawn is but an instant.
I see the sun and soon the mist shall not be with me.
I know what stands ’round the brick corner ,
When the sun rises tall over a walking loner.
Three hours past, and I might feel older,
Life comes at you fast.

The Night! The Night! Will you be mine tonight?
The Night! The Night! So black and dark, will you be my light?
Smiling stars, oh wise and looming moon,
Overcome the afternoon.
Once more become the host.
Sing your eternal croon,
Faithful friend, and Holy Ghost.

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