We Found Eachother (In the Dark)

Demo Recording:

Music and Lyrics by Ren Michael

Candlelight fades away at a quarter past nine
To the desperate search to find what is mine.
I’d do anything for an answer, anything for just one spark
Tell me do we have each other in the dark?

The roads I know they roll across endless land, and
I’ve checked all my mirrors. What is animal? What is man?
I’d do anything for a light. Anything for the warmth of her heart.
Tell me, do we have each other in the dark?

Lightning flashes, saxophones roar
The tiger prowls and the spirit soars
To you, I pray. Let me feel.
Let me enjoy a warm, tender meal
Let the music run through me so the wounds can heal.
Let me feel it right here so I know it’s real

I believe someday that our sun will rise
That we will live in truth, free of lies.
Summer shall be cast and your love shall forever last.
Until then we’ll hold on to our spark.
For you and me, brother, we’ve got each other in the dark.

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