The Exodus

The Exodus. Mankind referred to it as the great beginning. The new beginning. Whatever history existed before it had been forgetten.

There were many theories, but few facts. One theory claimed that man was born from the planet Earth; the cold, distant blue system governed by synthetics. Robots. Yet Earth was an isolated system, one seldom recognized by human beings. And synthetics were despised.

‘Exodus’ originated from a second theory, often regarded as a myth. It claimed that man, in one swift moment, departed from Earth forever and left it to its fate with the synthetics.

Both these theories were widely dismissed. The notion that human beings were born from a planet of synthetics, a planet now virtually governed by artificial intelligence, was considered outrageous and offensive to the great majority of modern scientists and historians.

The synthetics of Earth were created by another form of intelligent life, they argued, one that could not have been human. Man’s search for this intelligent life continued as he navigated and spread across galaxies, inhabiting new worlds and forming new societies over thousands of years.

Earth remained a forgotten place, abandoned with whatever keys it might have held to the beginnings of Man, shrouded in darkness forever.

This is the story of a different time, set hundreds of thousands of years after our own. In the era that followed the great Exodus. In the new beginning.

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