Note on Technology and Governments

Technology had been a lingering moral question for mankind for as far back as it could remember. Even the earliest societies were suspicious of it for reasons they could not explain.

Nevertheless, later generations would learn to embrace mechanized weaponry and advanced transportation, and even the highly controversial artificial or ‘synthetic’ intelligence. And these societies would prosper throughout the galaxy. They would once again form nations and countries. They would once again hold elections and engage in commerce and trade with one another, and they would go to war. They were the few, prosperous societies. The ‘first-world’ systems. And it was commonplace for these planets or ‘systems’ to be regarded by its inhabitants as individual nations, or countries.

Furthermore, It would do well to note that the greatest of these nations was Ceorpia Totem. A planet, a growing Empire of passionate explorers and the most skilled and cunning warriors.

The remaning civilizations across the galaxy valued the humble, agrarian lifestyles of their ancestors. Perhaps this was out of deliberateness, one they either were taught or that came by instinct. Perhaps it was out of an ignorance, which developed from centuries of distance from their more advanced brethren. They were the ‘third-world’ systems. Rural tribes and villagers all scattered across various systems throughout the galaxy.

It would do well to note that the most partiular of these systems was Kiralta. A planet almost symmetrically divided, one half was a broken-down, urban wasteland, while the other half was a lush and vibrant wilderness. Explorers admired it for its duality. Half city. Half jungle. It was an odd, poor planet.

The people of Ceorpia Totem regarded Kiralta as the furthest thing away from it in terms of lifestyle and topography, not to mention the actual physical distance. Yet they knew it was the last planet left to conquer. As the Ceorpian armies approaced, one general eyed it with the zeal of a hungry predator.

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