He Ain’t Me

Written by Ren Michael

Your white pearls glow in the candlelight
Your hair hair hangs low, shines in the night
Your eyes were mine, tell you I remember the time
Does he feel right tonight, yea does he know what you like?
Your hands they tremble as you look at me now
Like when you’d place them on my chest and feel my heart pound
Your laugh makes me smile, still the sweetest sound
Tell me what you see tonight when you look at me now
He can look you in the eyes and say its meant to be
He can hand you luxury but he can’t set you free
Because deep inside you know he ain’t me.

Do you remember when I sang for you when we first met?
Barefoot summer nights, how the grass was wet
We were young I know, we rose every sunset
Like vampires in the city, starstruck lovers no regrets
When you look in the mirror as the sun slowly falls
And the moon rises high over slow lifting fog
And he enters the room, you hear his voice call
Tell me does it move you any, honey? Does it thrill you like our song?
He can call you his queen, yea he may rule the sea
But girl you know he ain’t your destiny
He’s a walking suit and tie. He’s a lie. And he ain’t me.

We both know love. We both know pain
We know trust too well. We’ve taken that train.
Over a river of fire, our eyes scream desire. And you take me higher.

Well I can’t take away all the things that I’ve done.
And I can’t say for sure whether I’m a fortunate son.
But you and I both know that I’m truly the one.
So take my hand, hold it tight; he’s got a golden gun, but I won’t run.
Words were passed then that I can’t take away.
Things left unsaid still that I’ve got to say.
They may claim I’m a stray, that I’ve got my own way.
But I move faster than a speed train. I want you every night and every day.
When you breathe in the night and dance ‘neath the trees
And he takes your hand over those fallen autumn leaves
He may claim he’s your one and only but he ain’t me
He can say he’s your one and only but he ain’t me
‘Cause deep inside you know he ain’t me.

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