Home, My Very Own

Music and Lyrics by Ren Michael

Lady tonight I see your dark eyes
I see the green gleam
the fire inside
and though you croon
so smooth and
dance like firelight
I hear the chimes
the wilds of night
The winds howls and the winds they moan
Down these streets of rock and cobblestone
Into the world I’ll go, but no I won’t be alone
It’s an old story, it’s a well-traveled road

On the night I was born, was an old gypsy sign
Foretold that my future looked bright
That I’d stand up tall and turn out alright
And she smiled in the warm summer night
And my mother said woman tell me more what you know
You hide fortune in your eyes it glows
She said you can give this here boy all your money and gold
Still he’ll walk a lonesome road

To his home sweet home
To his home sweet home
The night’s they may grow cold, yet the world will be his throne
His home, his own sweet home

Come young blood we’ll fix you up fine
Have a seat please stay a while this time
In the warmth of the night, they hold me close and hold me tight, you’re
One of us, you know you’re in our hearts and minds
But they know as well as me I won’t be long
For go once more get moving on
Still, I say, please know it you onto whom I hold
I’m not alone, you know you are my own

Yea we seen nights so still and calm
Many moons and stars shine on
And though they die never, though the night’s last forever
I hear the soft song of a rising dawn
And the rain shall fall onto stone
Cross the canyons the thunder shall roll
Lightning shall toll an eternal echo
Cross the long and silent road

To my home sweet home
To my home sweet home
The night’s they may grow cold still the world is my throne
My home, my own sweet home.

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