I Shall Be Free

Music and Lyrics by Ren Michael

From the steelyards of this prison station
I had a dream that I dove into the sea
And I swam a million miles out to the promised land
Saying ‘Lord, I shall be free.’

Yea, they can chain me all day, say I’m a sinner
Bolt my hands, say ‘You are damned,’ ridicule me
But they’ll never know I got the light of the Lord
That one day I shall be free.

I long to see my wife and my baby sister
And my mother, my son and my kid brother
And to my young father, a man like no other,
I say ‘Father, roll in the rain and thunder.’

They may drink their whiskey, wear their fine diamonds
They may raise their glass on their river queen
But when they wash up to the shore, they’ll bow down to all they’ve scorned
And watch me as I stand tall and stand free.

One day I’ll leave this place and rise
Sail into the sky like a twilight dream
With a fire they’ve never seen, Oh Lord may it be
One day I shall be free.

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