how it began. I hear that train a-comin’

John 'Jack' Lucious Quinby is a journalist who specializes in current affairs and American music. Jude Moonlight is a musician and songwriter, a blues singer and guitar playin' vagabond. The following is a transcript of one in several conversations between the two friends, though the date of the recording is unknown.  We are quite sure …

The Pimp and the Band of Orphans

I woke up the next morning and Lucy was gone. The Spanish princess was gone too. Cal stood out of bed looking bewildered, asking me if I thought the girls were thieves in the night. We checked the room and nothing had been stolen. “Well," said Cal. "Was it all just some crazy dream then?” …

Folsom Prison Blues

I done got myself thrown in jail.  But I played the ol' boys a song and posted my bail...I sang my way to freedom!

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