When I Come Home To You


The sound is something of dreams,
unusual yet deeply familiar. of something
seemingly far but well within. Its like this, I write of the cosmos
the music reflecting the land, the city
the elements. As I am a force of nature, we are nature
All of us, and if the music aims to achieve anything
it’s to remind people of it,
that they (we) are mad children dancing on hilltops
each a beautiful expression all
the all. Mad children dancing
on hillsides. May it remind people
of who they are,
what they are, we Are
expressions of energy in human form
exquisite, eternally divine. Alive
Be.fire. The realization and return
to this….led me to the song. this is When I Come HOme to You. so…

first light upon the rising morn’
a nation being born
babe, we’ll allow it through
created anew
When I come Home to You

When I come Home to You

When I Come Home To You

Play it loud friends

-Ren Michael; ‘New Orleans’ 4/24
Everglades -> NOLA -> New Mexico -> Los Angeles
and/or back again

Music & Lyrics by Ren Michael

Home-cooked roses
a valentining croon
within the night,
darkness entombed
dawn, the distant moon

I dream of you
in Canyonlands
south to Death Valley
Durango down
through New Mexico
as I set out on the road

Oh, epic tales,
smooth as wine
spin Herculean rhymes
vaunting light
haunting bookstores late at night

words they come, and
words, they go
oh Isis of the Nile
as I approach
may I but dare
to frame the diamonds in your hair?
to frame the diamonds in your hair…

From Mammoth Caves
deep in Kentucky
down to New Orleans
down in the swamp
we shout and stomp
on the banks of the Mississippi

when you stand before
the window wide,
out upon the avenue
picture me babe,
know I’ll be there.
Know I’m a-coming home to you
Know I’m coming home to you

One is One
And One is All
And two, the ace of spades
What makes three but
You and me?
As four explores the sea?

See, Infinity
is in your eyes
a lifetime in just one night,
that jasmine lifts in Los Angeles,
as death greets me with your kiss.

First light
upon the rising morn
a nation being born
babe we’ll allow it through,
created anew,
When I come home to you

When I come home to you

When I come home to you

When I come home to you

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