Whirlwind Condition

Wow! That’s right, I have a blog.

Nice to know we’re off to such a great start ladies and gentlemen (so far it’s still just yours truly since I still have yet to invite anyone to the Quinby realm).

At this moment I’d like to take a pause in memory of a blog I started some months back. Behind the Closed Eye, may you rest in peace. It fell apart mostly because of two things. One was sorry, sappy shyness and the other laziness. While it may have been due more to the latter, I consider the both of them to be the chief obstacles to the creative mind.

My most recent endeavor has been to immerse myself in books. While attending school for four years in godforsaken Gainesville, I found that getting into a good book was a bit more difficult than I had anticipated. For me, it required a shift in my frame of mind, or a conscious decision that I no longer had to study for classes (somehow, this wasn’t the case when I put in a movie…)

It looks as though it’s been mostly history and thrillers. Most notable among the recent is Founding Brothers by Joseph Ellis, which traces six different episodes within America’s founding generation after 1790. It’s gives you a good idea of who these people were, remaining true to their successes and even more so to their flaws.

Tell No One by Harlen Coben is the fast-paced thriller that stands toe to toe with any Dan Brown book out there. A man loses his wife in the beginning, and eight years later he receives a message that hints to her survival and leads to a gradual uncovering of the truth surrounding the supposed death. I haven’t given anything away.

I haven’t read Lost Symbol, I’ve been warned not to.

Anyway, I have guests out in the kitchen and their lookin’ for food. I supposed I picked a bad time to tend to the working title, but I was gettin’ ancy. And yet, here I am, still ancy and still lookin’ for the next thing to do, despite the fact that I feel no closure here and now. The same principle, to a certain extent, applies to each day. Hopefully it doesn’t hold true in life.

I’m in the kitchen with the Tombstone Blues.

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