Joy In the Eye of the Storm (Thunderstorm Melody)

There is a fury of rain and thunder
Crashing outside the window
As the sounds of jazz play
In the smooth aura of our room.
Outside lie nature’s fierce display
Of violence and mystery;
And it eases with the waves of saxophones and
Soft drum beats in a soft,
Sexual tide that envelop us all in raw ecstasy.

This storm frightens no one,
Not one living,
Breathing soul in the room,
Nor even the animals outside, who share
In the celebration of the Earth’s gift to us all tonight.
For that is what it represents to all children of the Earth.
The storm is our gift,
Our rebirth.
A removal of all the day’s strife and pollution,
And of all that has been.
There is no violence in this storm greater than that which it washes away.
And we stand together in celebration of the eternal night before the distant day.

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