The Road Hits a Lone Mountain

There is fire burning within.
I thought how wonderful it was to last so long.
Never has it grown thin,
Just given birth to soft melodies and epic song.

I see the mountain
And I will sing across hundreds more.
I will fly across the seas
And explore the high pillars of Babylon
Before I have to arrive here once more
And meet, once and for all, the bitter old miser.
Become the miser or be killed by the miser.
So it goes.

I crashed to the earth bare and without blemish.
The collision carved a canyon deep,
And the land quaked to this bold, fresh piece of humanity.
And I grew.
And I grew.
I was hungry.
I thought myself invincible.
I still do.
But I see that mountain ahead.
And I know it brings the end.
It’s the place where young spirits die.
They die, or they grow old instead.

I am stuck on this road.
There must be some detour.
The future cannot be sowed.
Some off-beaten path, another avenue to explore.

Come with me.
Be very silent.
We can wait in the calm
And hide from the storm.

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