Young Deceiver

Look into my eyes oh young deceiver.
Jump into my dream now and I’ll make you a believer.
Open your mind and stare down into your falling, sinking well.
Be wary of your ground, for you wear your soul on your lapel.

Are you the sacred master of the hopeless and internally obscene?
You, the golden calf, for those who sail slowly beneath the frozen eastern sea?
Yes, you wave your silver dollar and your followers they bleed.
Jump out your skyway plane and into the astonishment by the things you’d see.

Settle down now, oh ageless apothecary,
And sleep now as the streets whisper Mary,
At every lonesome corner of this abyss of man’s heartlessness.
Lie down in your abandoned shadow, joining the rest of us
In the last remaining chorus of human consciousness.

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