Kangaroo Canyons

Verse 1: Kangaroo Silver bluff with despair
Juvi jumps the canyon but is stuck in midair
He asks “How did I get from here to there?”
Startin’ get those who crawl to care.

Chorus: Well Jonas he can walk down patched roads of blue
Yes he passes both light and lines, all open avenues.
Though one might wonder what life is like in a shoe
He doesn’t doubt his ability to one day convince you
That there ain’t no wrong dancing and a-singing the blues
Spending your nights countin’ moons beyond the canyon view.

Verse 2: Well the yo-yo maker walks into his shop
Only to find that funding’s all of the sudden been dropped.
“Oh my God!” he screams.  “Better call the cops!”
“After all,” he says, “those city planners, they feed off my crops.”


Verse 3: Rectangular tile all across my floor
Broken lines can open to big brown doors
Leading up to stairs all up the spire
Stairs held together by wearing wire
Hopefully its long before my knees go and tire
Can’t bear to see us all fall into the fire.


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