Another crash and block!

I had a nice three or four days and then I crashed, and it seems now that there is nowhere to go but up. I hate being at the bottom of the barrel like this, with zero proficiency. Haven’t gone to the gym in nearly a week, which may be playing a larger role than I realize in that lack of proficiency. I haven’t updated the blog since Thursday which has also got me feeling down. Don’t know why though. I think the biggest thing however is that I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I would have liked to regarding the stories, since I had recently decided to return to Michael Phoenix and Quentin Joss. Their stories are each epics in their own right, and I have to remember to take their development slowly and with patience. I can maintain consistency, but I cannot expect to make mountains in mere weeks. Just one bit of rock at a time. Patience is key. So its back to basics. Must keep writing. Back to square one.

Miss Charlotte, kind of.

Two scenes to consider now for the Quentin Joss canon.

1) An interaction with a priest, maybe once or twice, short to medium duration–I suppose it could be a long exchange. Not sure, would have to experiment some.

2) An interaction later on in the story with a very rich man, someone who represents corporations/corporate America. There is a certain poetry to Quentin walking amongst the super rich and notoriously greedy and ruthless.

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