Sunset Polish

I am a crazed and old crow,
Lost without reason.
I am a battered old tyrant.
It all could’ve been so easy.
White pearl necklace rests upon worn, wrinkled skin.
I sit alone, without purpose just drenched in sin.
In my velvet chair I sit gazing into my reflection;
Alone and unsure, still suspecting insurrection.
Morning has arrived, rain drops on the window.
I am the Elysian crow.

My red polished nails gleam as the sun shines through.
I remember a dream, now lost beyond my view.
Beneath me, a cry.
A young man has died.
I keep my gaze forward as the cries once again silence.
Sweet cup of tea sits motionless on fine china, my seat is sowed.
Behind me, people moan.
The answer I have shown.
The sun begins to fall, though arriving is the snow.
I am the Elysian crow.

That snow may fall but it can’t all that has been.
No matter how thick or thin, can I not escape the truth within?
Within this mirror I can strain to see, into the blackness of my eyes,
A Naked and pleading, shivering and bleeding shade of me.
From the black swamp she cries. I turn away, offer up a sigh.

Well the black sky has finally arrived.
Snow never ceasing to fall, yet nature without a call.
This white blanket beneath me once a bright blessing above me.
Tell me what you are.
Are you the ghost of the stars?
Why have you come this far?
From the window I see protruding from the snow,
In the fog it stands, the last village child, a thorned red rose.
It defies me in the cold and I am helplessly alone.
I am the Elysian crow.

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