Sinner’s Lament

By Michael Quinn

I gaze at the day.
I search though the twilight, and I
Try and embrace the night for a little dignity.
But I feel cold and wet.
I feel so fat and unkept,
Like there’s no one there beside me.

I hear kids at play
The song of lovers sway.
I catch glimpses of myself with those highs.
But at the end of the day
They all got a loved one with whom to stay
And I see no place for me to hide.

Darkness falls, darkness remains
As the alleycats commence their escapades.
Punishments fit the crime, does it compensate?
Well mister it ain’t for me to say
We all make mistakes,
But my life wasn’t meant to be this way.

I want the rain, and I
Want all earth’s water.
I want to spend all night in a tempestuous sea.
Tell me brother would it be in vain?
Would I walk clean or just feeling the same?
Cause there’s no angel over me.

…No love within me
…No God for me

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