Joan Baez and the Mafia

Studio City, CA

I thought I saw Joan Baez in the parking garage beneath the Santa Monica supermarket, but it turned out to be nothing more than some woman who looked just like her. The air was unusually cold outside and it had rushed into the subterranean car lot via the escalator that peaked out into the cool, overcast November afternoon.

I had just returned from an audition in Northridge for some part in a Mafia flick. I’m going in for the role of chieftain who is forced to exact revenge on an innocent woman, the daughter of the man who killed his own child. I auditioned for the final confrontation, between the man and the woman, between insanity and reason, darkness and light.

I think I may have got the part but I’m still not sure. You can never be sure out here. But the extraordinary traffic and rain brought with it a great epic quality to the morning that carried some kind of waiting success. They told me that the reading was great and seemed very enthusiastic when asking about my availability. The script was peanuts but I’d take it no doubt.

When I first thought about being an actor it was with thoughts on the silver age actors of the Godfather and early Scorcese flicks. Deniro, Pacino, Keitel. So it’d be a funny start to a un uncertain career out here as I shift my focus more on acting from music.

I think I may be better at it than carrying a tune, or writing one. But that doesn’t mean I won’t work at any of these things.

But my bagel’s gettin’ cold and I gotta keep ’em all warm.


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