This morning I see the sun reigning over me
Always there for me seemingly
Where were you dear sun when I saw no light?
Where were you brave one when I was lost in the night?
Where were you great shepherd when I lost comfort and sight?
Where were you mighty hero? I wasn’t born to fight.

I look over yonder and, behold, skyscraper mountains;
A range of security, never-ending.
Where were you great titans while I lie naked and vulnerable?
Where were you earthly soldiers, while we starved beneath the rubble?
Where were you fearless giants, when our hearts froze immobile?
Where were you wise ones when we redefined horrible?

I gaze upon grassy plains, ebullient green
And I breathe in its rich constant supply of color and life
Oh, great carpet of the earth, where were you when I slept upon sand, dust and cold stone?
Where were you, great life supplier, when beneath and all around me, lie human bone?
Where were you unfailing earthen mother, when I stood empty and alone?
Where were you, great bed of primal dream, when I dropped to my knees and cried out for home?

Beside me, I see a narrow single tree.
Dear friend, I’ve returned. Do you remember me?
Darling home to the blue birds, may I lie in your shade as I once more attempt to dream?
Squire of nature, teach me to marvel at the beauty of that distant sea.
Oh, child of Earth, may I bask in your youth? And preserve your fragility?
I’ll make it my purpose, dear brother, to ensure that you never see what I’ve seen.

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