Keep the Night

Keep the night, baby
Keep it going to no end
Keep it forever, for our time here together
It is a Godsend.

When the sun went down this evening baby
You know, I saw the look in your eyes.
The stars rose, the pillars of heaven shone
And we stared straight into the night sky.
And we danced, hand in hand, with the night sky.

When you felt the fear in you strike first
You came to me to ask questions why.
And I saw you turn your head to the ground.
Darlin’ your face became the evening sky.
Perhaps its what we see when we gaze on high.
That of new friends and old gone by.

I see the shining archway in the most starlit realm
And I hear your voice echo, lost, searching
And a streak of blue simmers from below
So begins the sun approaching
So ends the age of yearning
Somewhere you remain like suspended snow.

So keep the night baby. Keep it going to no end.

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