Resting winds on a morning in December

Reading some kind of wisdom from “The Four Agreements”, written by a character out west who calls himself ‘Don’.  The emphasis on personal power, that great potential of the human spirit through a shifting of the mind repeatedly reminds me of Tim Tebow, who through an increasing number of wondrous comeback victories has led the Denver Broncos to stand first in their division with a 7-5 record.  He’s being hailed the Mile-High Messiah.  Though he has credited religion as his primary motivation, it’s his display of sheer will and self-confidence that is most inspiring.

Those are the concepts I mostly derive from the book, which, despite seeming a tad bit silly, bares some pockets of substance.

Christmastime is in full swing and though it’s colder out west than it ever was back in Florida, the season this year feels warmer and more comfortable–some kind of miracle in the absence of my immediate family.  Maybe it’s due to the new sort of family, the kinship I find in all the young strangers who’ve moved out here searching for a drive.  It seems to be the prevailing theme of this year; a theme that must’ve been destined to reach its zenith on December, when all of us children see the value in good company, found in people you know so little and yet, somehow, know so well.

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