songs for the end of July

Los Angeles, CA

When the shooting happened I wanted to ask all to say a prayer for our fellow man, but instead I kept quiet and said the prayer myself. The incident speaks for itself.  Been wanting to write a lot lately and this morning I cannot remember my dream.  They fade away so fast but I think it was pleasant.

In the Shadows of Church Ruins

When the summer winds fell and the golden throne withered,
And when the church of Jay howled for its reckoning, its cold winter,
A star fell from the northeast canyon, far beyond the desert wilds.
Some hidden, holy star-crossed earth child

Come to this world.
It’s only a ghost of the old form.
But we still carry hats,
You see, we lost our music in the storm.
But if you look just right,
You’ll find the road in the most dim light,
And the soft song of how dark was once night.
Rumor has it that darkness was once night.

Can I offer you a plate, just a speck of food?
You’re pale and thin, oh young man, Jude.
What great rain drew the wind from your sails?
Stay, stay a night and tell me your tale.

I Met a Young Woman

I met a young woman,
Here on missionary work,
Wanting to know if I’d read the great book.

‘Have you read the two testaments?’
I say ‘No, no I haven’t.’
She notices that I’m reading T.S. Eliot.
Her body then shifts, and her face up-and-changes.
She says she liked William Blake.
Back when she taught English.
I said ‘I did too,’
Back when I knew English.

I recommended Rimbaud.
She said she didn’t know.
‘Check ‘im out,’ I said ‘I think you’ll like it.’
And part of me felt sincere.
She smiled and said she would. And she is most endearing.
I nodded then and smiled.
Laughing a little inside.

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