Midnight prelude

This Girl. This girl.
Who I crave and want to know more about. Share in that laughter.
That laugh of hers riveting, youthful. Joyous.

She is the desert highway child,
Young and reckless, drives me wild.
I came in on chariots of thunder when she came right out, snuck in from under,
Desert nymph.
Oh, calico beauty,
Kiss me, Kill me
Move me, soothe me.
Be my girl my dark blue fire
Wrap your arms round me, sacred desire.

We have the night and death may come soon.
Your smile, divine beneath the light of the moon.
Be my baby, though we haven’t much time
We’ll live as children beneath the starlit sky

‘Good problems to have’, I think while saying that I’d throw it all back in the ocean if it didn’t feel so damned good.

At night, outside man I could not do this long ago. Cigarette smoke looms in my face from the couple in front of me, but it smells good in the city night. Somehow smells like campfire.

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