The key to all of this is to have no fear and to not seem to take anything real seriously. This is only a fun lil’ gig. It’s been hot in LA for days and also in the shop which is more like a sweat shop, and even in my creepy and charming apartment but all is good, for it fits with thoughts in my mind maybe of enduring strange summer pangs from leftover fallen heavens scattered across the ocean, like the one from the Coltrane dream. Spent last night with some acting peeps in the great lower cliffs where Hollywood fades and the rest of it begins. Stayed out late and then came home before waking in the morning with the moon still in the sky. That morning is when the heat began, and I was feeling spent and hadn’t eaten all day.

Now I better be careful or I might get bitter toward my friends. I been runnin’ ’round like a madman for these shots tomorrow and I think that I am some fool for letting it all get to me this way, “but it is important after all and needs to be taken care of.” Hell I do like the outfits and getting in front of the camera, and maybe I’ll be able to sport a young lions pose like Morrison who knows?!

This heat can bring about all sorts of wonderful passions yea, but it needs to get away for a while I think to myself. I’m thinking that I might sleep more comfortably outside and I consider the sidewalks beneath the graces of the LA air and the winds which accompany speeding cars. It’s all better than the swamp mist hanging over my living room that is more fitting for the rainforest and seldom finds a true place in urban jungles.

There is peace through all these things, and with warmth and understanding IT smiles at me through the chaos.


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