In December of Last Year II

‘…It all died with Kennedy,’
said I from beneath hollow ground.

‘I see it all so clearly. Does it still live with Kennedy? Still…’
‘What’s that?’ asked my neighbor, I couldn’t make out his face.
‘The American Dream?’
‘What’s that?’ he asked again. ‘Some kind of peace? Some prosperity?’
I didn’t answer him for I had turned away. It’s an abused term anyway, I thought.
An abused term anyway

This was the mirrored lobby.
I marched on, a crimson ceiling rippling above me.

From the Second of December

Everything is opening up. I sit, I stand in such fear of everything, of losing it. I am so alive in that fear and it makes me human.

Kennedy died
And it all cried out one last time in the year 1969
But when I looked around ‘fore my dive I saw something very real, so alive. Was that in our own eyes?

‘Man I’ll do it all for art,’ I say to myself
As the azure grows
A quick bout of darkness before the source
The source of the echo
The source of the glows
Behold! A glowing humble fire
In a humble alcove

With a shadow figure quite tall in stature
His voice familiar.

‘What is this place?’ I ask
‘Take this,’ he says, handing me a glass.
‘Take for a bit and rest.’
Some water, for how long I wonder will it be my last
And he says ‘this is but the very first task.’

I wonder then of how many.
‘What is your name?’ and silence remains.
His face invisible, ‘My name is Jonah,’ and he fades away.
‘Rest for the remaining day,’ his voice reverberates.
Whispers and fades

Yea I am afraid
So afraid with night so far away
Almost in memory
And with one misstep I return to the day
A twisted stray
Caught in the slipstream, frozen between humanity and immortality.

Let me know where I am
Won’t you speak to me, my friend Jonah?
IS this a dream ?
Speak to me.
I saw a flash of light and oscillating eyes speak to me.
This is not the night.

Tell me what I am to do and I will do it.
I am your friend Jude.
I’ll stay with this fire. See that it stays lit.

And I’ll ascend before the darkening skies that overlook the tranquil waves of San Simeon, beating against the cliffs in a haunting and human love song.

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