Chapter 8 – The End. Foreshadowing

And so the last night brings me back to Pioneer
In the fiercest rain, amidst old friends
And to the fine people of Portland, Goodnight.
Oh, fair city. Not that you need it.


Some final notes about Portland as I fly back now to Los Angeles. Last night, though I wasn’t hungry and my stomach was not up to it, I thought I’d grab something to eat, get something in the system after all, but once I’d reached 2nd Avenue I found I had no cash on me, and I realized this about halfway there as a vicious rain fell, the most vicious I’d seen the whole week. It must be a seasonal thing. But the walk was joyous with my umbrella and in the pounding rain, washing everything away as rains always does. The 7/11 was still open.


Little did I know that things were just beginning.

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