Am I back?

Back to writing? The hiatus, if truly over, was well spent. I am twice the writer, twice the observer, twice the artist that I was at my last moment of proficiency or output. There was once a time where I felt hesitant to be truthful about such things but a great deal of my fear has been obliterated.

Acting may thrill me as an artist because it’s the most physical of the forms next to dance. Its focus is also the most narrow in that it deals almost exclusively with studying and appreciating human behavior. The human being is the sole subject of acting and the whole gig seems to be a constant process of penetrating another’s being. So it may yet even surpass dance as being the most physical form of expression. Once I feared it was all just mimicry, now I think it has at least the potential to be some kind of spiritual sex experience. That I would think is the ideal for all of us in the game.

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