I Had a Showdown with the Devil in London

I walk these streets tonight burning bright by my soul
My friends came and went, yea I stood alone
Felt so alive, though I could soon die, yea I’s far from home
From the shadows rose the face I’d known from long ago

I looked straight into his eyes, they were emerald green
Time chimed from way up high, fog came in from the sea
Outside where the moonlight shone, he stood alone so menacingly
“Come forth young blood,” he said. “What you got for me?”

I had a showdown with the Devil in London
When he died the moon still loomed in the night
Though I came up strong as the sun began to rise,
I knew I’d see him soon too on the day I die

Crimson ships came from the tip of a rising sun
Still I recognized my own eyes, so wide and so young
These eyes stared straight at me, I knew we were one
Tell me how free can a man be whose always on the run?

With the blade in his heart he said, “What must be, must be.”
“Take your knife, Mr. Moonlight, the Lord’ll be pleased
Take your gun and shoot it high in the city sky
And as you sail back ‘cross the sea, remember me.”

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