Tonight I Roam

Music and Lyrics by Ren Michael

Nothing satisfies these eyes of mine
As I stare into the night.
Thoughts fade away and spirits are bent,
All is bleak and deceit is the night,
As I search for you
And all I see is hollow pine
And I think of you
Think we’ll meet again, somewhere, sometime.

When we met all was young, soft and bare
And you struck me like a knife.
To the heavens we danced, suspended in the air
Nothing lie in the mist of your eyes.
Yea I’d searched for you
Felt like you’d come just in time
Felt like I’d dreamed of you
And you smiled wide, closed your eyes

By the final descent of the youthful moon,
We held each other upon white sand.
Whether all had come too slow, too soon,
Who knew?  Maybe we were in another land.
But I can’t speak for you.
In that now, I wonder, was I alone?
‘Fore the stars, I’d searched for the truth.
‘Neath the same moon, tonight I roam.

Every day is beauty and heaven lies in night,
And no other lovers ever walk by.
A new mist arrives, the lonesome delight,
In the twenty-first century sky.
And I search for you
Maybe a dream, it was a dream on the fly
Wonder if I ever held you.
If I’ll have you someday down the line.

Yea I still search for you
For when we meet for the very first time
And I think of you
Think we’ll meet again somewhere, sometime.

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