Lift the Lamp


Music & Lyrics by Ren Michael, Copyright © 2017

As I listen to your wisdom and all the things you hold dear
I hear the persistence of your resistance and your fears
Though I’m just another daughter, just another son
Grown old, grown young, I’m not the only one

Well we’ve heard your words and we’ve heard your demands
Looked long into your heart as we sought to understand
But now I hear the bell toll that old timeless sound
Take a seat, please, dear man listen to me now

You sing of the good times. Well what times were those?
Long before my time but I recognize the face of Jim Crow
And you might deny it and say I’m opening wounds
Before you continue the tune and play ol’ Jim’s fool

You say there’ll always be poor folk beside the sick and unnamed
Shaped by a their refusal to play by the rules of the game
One day they’ll rise and defy all your wars
And you’ll be the one who lives by the gun, as they inherit the world

What I seek is simple, I seek the land promised me
For all the huddled masses yearning to breathe free
A place for my own without fences and walls
For all the tired and poor, I want justice for all.

You say life’s a long struggle, while an era’s bygone
You say we need some law and order, there’s just one side to be on
Go on’ grab your raincoat man, I hear the thunder roll
But don’t worry friend, I’ll catch ya at the end of the road

Once you held dreams. It’s true you may still
As you picture the house way up on the hill
Go on, hang your hat up there. Take a breather, lie down.
You never knew me at all, man. It’s my time now.
I said you never knew us at all. It’s our time now.
Go on, let ‘em know, it’s our time now.

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