(Precious Friend) You’ll Let Your Love Grow

Precious friend
Tempestuous power,
Eyes of the sun
Turn seconds into hours
My hand in yours,
Held together in dreams
My lips to your skin,
Benevolent Queen,

In the darkness I see you

Woman of the Night,
Child of the Sun
On these streets of cobblestone
we run
Allow me your grace,
For my honor is true,
Feel the thunder of my heart,
A slow dance for you

And as the sun sets
Before the soft, falling rain
You know we can’t rest,
You know how we’re made
These streets so cold, they whisper a tune
Ancient as stone, feels brand-new
You know what I mean, you’ve heard the music too
As it brought you to me, as I’d come home to you

Fear not, no
In time all will know
For through the dark night, Your light will shine on
And your love
Your love
Your love will grow
Your love
Your love
You’ll let your love grow

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