Letter from Harlem, NY

“Are you gifted with the enchantment and girded with wonder? Do you have the mad sound?  Be a Zen fool.”

I can’t keep looking for the gods to speak my name. The field’s already open, and I’ve got everything I need. Just got to keep my eyes open, and my heart open too. Trust. Trust what you know. And trust yourself. You’ve had the power all the time. Harlem holds a mirror to you.

Harlem’s face
Reflected at Crater Lake

Boy what a way to close out this little book

The face of Harlem
Reflected in the virgin waters of ancient Crater Lake
I stand in the city
The break of day
Remembering my name
Hearing her call out my name
My baby
My girl
I found you back home
‘Remember to breathe’
‘And that you never stand alone.’

I’m coming in to meet you
Just wanna spend the day
with you

Ren, that’s all you need to know.

We’re heading back out west
to the jungles of the night

And I am not alone

Harlem, NY
April 14, 2018

Dreams for Harlem
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