Intro to Album No. 1

Not long ago
a few hours maybe/came
the dreadful realization
that I stood alone on streets of New Orleans, haunted by rumor
the spell of a girl I’d come to know well
in just an instant
& she’s a part of me now, so I’m haunted
spellbound & cursed.
I had my guitar with me, when she met me. I’d recall
relations past. A blonde brushing her hair, staring
through the looking glass, she was putting her lipstick on. That woman
that girl, she left me breathless. She tasted like honey,
her eyes were sharp like arrows. but hearts
had frozen over so I had to split. I wouldn’t be her toy any longer
I broke on through, got a new
horse and rode
off in the night. Better than sweating over who shot first. I felt
the spell, the pull, but I rode on, I was living a lie but wouldn’t say so
I’d love to be in her arms, but who’s arms? Whoever she
is I could feel myself telling her
that I’m her boy. so the lonesomeness was creeping in
as I roamed, staring in the eyes of strangers in shadow, always the same
kinds of night, riding ‘neath the moon. Always the same moon, I’d see people
dancing on the hilltops, temporary paradise, a mirage
in the night. Once again I’m tricked
bamboozled in the moonlight, she’d met some other
some empty suit, calling her a queen, promising her the sea
any and everything to satisfy the need, but hey baby he ain’t me. I said that,
and I kept riding a little farther still, before
I reached the waiting shoreline, that tempestuous sea. I dove in
and said goodbye, guided by starlight, the night
sky and something else, far within, deep inside. Just a name
I’d heard it before. I hear it now.
Still, right now and forever.
Her name is

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