Letters #3 — Unconventional Prose and poetry

It’s more than being good with words. To write well, you have to be receptive to the things going on around you and within you.

The second part came naturally to me while the first part, the technique, took more time and practice. Quite a few years. I still haven’t perfected it, but eventually I was able to get a more firm hold on the basics to lend some early justice to my emotions and to the thoughts in my head.

At the same time, ordinary prose doesn’t capture the feeling of experience. Nothing does, except having the experience yourself. Unconventional prose, or poetry if you like, does go a step further, working on your senses in a way that conventional speech does not.  

It might not bring you to the full experience of something, but it may bring you close enough to at least get a sense of it, and begin to taste it.

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