Fortune and Glory

I’ve been here once before in a shrouded dream of distant memory,
Yet before the morning sun the grass glistens soft beneath me.
And the everlasting sea, it breathes,
Giving rise to the echoing chimes of fortune and glory.

The words they flow and the fire it stirs.
The skin it stretches, feels good it burns.
With all necessity lying far behind me, the stars smile through soft clouds above me, casting a light of fortune and glory.

To each other we belong, all the young who’re standing strong
O’er the sounding hum, to the tune of a beating drum.
And so while cool water runs through, ever present loyal friend,
A wink beneath the lamplight glows for me, glimmering,
Above a pool of love shimmering for our own divinity.
Behold the reflection.  That of Man.
He sings the song of eternal fortune and glory.

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